A charming hotel in Alsace,

with time dedicated to well-being

In order to ensure you can benefit fully from your stay at our hotel in Lucelle and enjoy maximum relaxation, we offer various treatments by qualified professionals on Saturdays and Sundays, by appointment only. 

Please book your massage at least one week in advance.


Discover all our massages

  • Relaxing head massage: The slow movements of this head massage, applied with light or stronger pressure to the face and scalp, will melt away stress and muscle tension. Head massage offers a number of benefits: it stimulates circulation, calms the mind and helps concentration as well as promoting a good night's sleep. The massage lasts for 20 minutes and does not involve the use of oils. Price: €30
  • Regenerating Swedish massage: This Swedish massage banishes tension through continuous, sweeping effleurage, petrissage and percussion strokes at varying rhythms. It stimulates the circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and clears toxins from the body. Swedish massage eliminates fatigue and revitalises the body. €35 (20 mins "à la carte"), €63 (40 mins "back & neck"), €85 (60 mins "full body").
  • Relaxing Californian massage: Californian massage is a gentle, relaxing massage that brings tranquillity and calm. This type of massage favours sweeping, fluid, harmonious strokes, effleurage and pressure, gliding on a layer of perfumed oil. Californian massage is a restful massage that eliminates stress and negative energy and eases muscle tension. €35 (20 mins "à la carte"), €58 (40 mins "back & neck"), €85 (1 hour "full body").
  • Revitalising Hawaiian massage: This massage takes you on a journey, helping you to leave your worries behind and restoring balance in the body. It is gentle, sensitive and powerful all at once.  Dancing, graceful and light, it has an extremely profound effect, reuniting the body, heart and mind with the source of life. This massage is a true escape from the everyday. €90 (1 hour)
  • Relaxing leg and foot massage: This massage is especially for you, hikers and cyclists! A treatment specifically designed to pamper the legs and feet after they have worked hard to help you discover our beautiful Sundgau region. €45 (1/2 hour)
  • Hot stone massage: The epitome of luxury massage; the ultimate well-being. Discover a new kind of massage with lavish quantities of oil and hot volcanic stones. The benefits of a mini-sauna combined with a massage that drains, detoxifies, relaxes and eases the muscles. €95 (1 hour)
  • Osteopathy session: a manual therapy method used to identify and treat restrictions in mobility that affect the structures that make up the human body. Any loss of mobility in the joints, the muscles, the ligaments or the viscera can cause an imbalance in your general state of health. The osteopath treats the individual as a whole. The therapy acts on multiple systems in the locomotive system (sprains, tendinitis, lumbago, beck pain, etc.), the nervous system (sciatica, cervicobrachial neuralgia, etc.), the digestive system (bloating, constipation, etc.) or the ENT area (migraine, etc.). Osteopathy is a preventive and curative treatment that is suitable for people of all ages. €50