Relaxing moments
in a hotel Spa Haut Rhin

In order to make the most of your stay in our hotel Spa Haut Rhin Petit Kohlberg and to relax as much as possible, various treatments carried out by a qualified professional are offered on Saturdays and Sundays, by appointment only.

Please book your massage at least one week in advance.
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Relaxing head massage

Wellness break

By using slow, light or heavy movements on the face and scalp, cranial massage eliminates stress and muscular tension. It has several beneficial effects. It promotes blood circulation, soothes the mind and encourages concentration, and helps you sleep better. It lasts 20 minutes and does not use oils: €30

Regenerating Swedish massage

Wellness break

By means of wide and continuous movements of effleurage, sliding pressure, kneading and percussion, according to various rhythms, Swedish massage allows tension to be released. It activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The body is thus cleansed of its toxins. Fatigue is eliminated and your energy is regenerated. 35 € (20 min "à la carte"), 63 € (40 min "back & head"), 85 € (60 min "full body").

Relaxing Californian massage

Wellness break

Californian massage is a gentle, relaxing massage that brings calm and reassurance. It favours large, fluid and harmonious movements, effleurage and pressure that glide over scented oils. The Californian massage is the relaxing massage, which eliminates stress and negative energies and relieves muscular tension. 35 € (20 min "à la carte"), 58 € (40 min "back & head"), 85 € (1 hour "full body").

Revitalising Hawaiian massage

Wellness break

It is a journey to let go of all the difficult things and restore balance in the body. It is a gentle, sensitive and powerful massage. Dancing, graceful and light, it works extremely deeply to connect body, heart and soul to the source of life. It is a true moment of escape. 90 € (1 hour)

Relaxing leg and foot massage

Wellness break

This massage is for you, hikers and cyclists! A specific treatment to pamper your legs and feet after great efforts to discover our Sundgau. 45 € (1/2 hour)

Hot stone massage

Wellness break

Luxury massage, the ultimate in well-being. Discover a new massage with oil and hot volcanic stones. The benefits of a mini-sauna combined with a massage that drains, detoxifies, relaxes and loosens the muscles. 95 € (1 hour)

Osteopathy session

Wellness break

This manual therapy method focuses on identifying and treating mobility restrictions in the structures of the human body. Any loss of mobility of joints, muscles, ligaments or viscera can lead to an imbalance in health. The osteopath considers the individual as a whole and acts on several systems: locomotor (sprains, tendonitis, etc.), neurological (sciatica, etc.), digestive (bloating, constipation, etc.) or ENT (migraine, etc.). 50 €

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