Gastronomy, history, untamed nature...

Alsace, land of marvels!

After a great meal at our restaurant, why not escape for the afternoon to roam the roads of Alsace and discover its beauty and heritage? Visit the little historic town of Ferrette, nestled amid the foothills of the Jura a few kilometres from Lucelle. This charming little town boasts one of the oldest châteaus in the region, constructed around 1100. It was the main residence of the Counts of Ferrette, a title that has passed to the Prince of Monaco today. 

Beside the castle, be sure not to miss the famous Grotte des nains (Cave of the Dwarfs), the rocks of which form an impressive gorge measuring over 20 metres. Legend has it that the grotto was inhabited by little people, which explains its name. Continue your getaway with a visit to Feldbach and its beautiful 12th century Romanesque church, located on one of the roads to Compostela.
The village of Friesen is another must-see while staying in southern Alsace. Situated in the valley of La Largue, this pretty, flower-covered village boasts around fifty half-timbered houses, the oldest of which dates from 1497. A walking tour offered by the tourist office allows visitors to discover these traditional Sundgau houses, which represent a unique heritage. Not far from Friesen, golf enthusiasts can indulge on the LaLargue 18-hole Championship course and enjoy the hilly countryside. 

If you prefer to observe nature in all its diversity, you should head for the "petite Camargue alsacienne" (the "little Alsatian Camargue"). This marsh, a remnant of the Rhine jungle, is the largest nature reserve in Alsace and is home to over 200 bird species, 40 types of dragonfly and 17 varieties of orchid. Closer to the hotel, the plan d'eau de Courtavon, an artificial lake, is a very pleasant place for a stroll.